For me painting is freedom, freedom from my wheelchair, freedom from the restraints of chronic pain, freedom to turn something negative into something beautifully positive, freedom from what sometimes feels like an unfriendly and confusing world.

To paint a painting is a wonderful adventure, from my first thoughts to the completed image that looks back at me. Each mark I make holds a purpose, a meaning, an intention, everything on the canvas adds to the flow of my journey. Brushes and tools become my wings as we travel the trails of time from one realm to another, searching, gathering, discovering and connecting. My intuition takes the lead as my hands often sculpt the first markings on my canvas introducing me to the imagery that’s asking to emerge. I gradually begin to absorb the rhythm of the paint and this is when the great conversation begins. Imagination, life’s experiences, our natural world and the whimsical realms all gather around the paintbrush of opportunity discussing endless possibilities, I of course always have the final say and if I don’t feel it, I don’t paint it.

Here is a taste of my work from my Intentional Creativity® teacher training, there will be more artwork added very soon.