Intentional Creativity

Intentional Creativity® is what it suggests, creating with an intention, mindfully. It leads us to new possibilities and opportunities, it offers to hold our hand whilst we embark on an exciting transformational journey. Layer by layer we use paint and an enquiring mind to bring forward information and imagery through brush marks, symbol and colour, gradually combining our findings by weaving them into a complete painting. The amazing thing about this process is, you can’t do anything wrong and you don’t already need to be an artist to participate, this healing work is for everyone, from complete beginners to accomplished artists.

My personal philosophy on Intentional Creativity.

For me intentional creativity is a gift to the soul offering a new way of seeing, hearing and becoming complete with myself.
This transformational creative process when nurtured and practised will shine for you like the brightest star guiding you gently to your inner wisdom and knowing, revealing the lost and undiscovered fragments of yourself that may be buried deeply within a layer of your unconscious self which you’ve not before had access to.
Intentional creativity leads with the heart, it will take you on the most wonderfully daring adventure where you will discover who you really are. Intentional creativity will invite and encourage you to use your intuitive and cognitive brain by asking them to bow to each other, to connect and dance together, it invites you to go on a revealing journey, your own life’s journey where you will gain the tools and opportunity to discover and gather your own imagery and symbols with an enquiring imaginative mind. Your paintbrush and pen will be your guides, your words will come to you with new breath and your paintbrush will lead the way into bringing your excavated stories and experiences layer by layer into form safely through the portal and security of your canvas. This is where you will create your magic and discover the magic of you, in your own unique way,  gently and gradually integrating it within your every day life.
For me Intentional Creativity is leading me home to myself, piece by piece, painting by painting, word by word, it simply is a precious gift.

Jacky Fowler

Throughout my teacher training I created five large paintings using the methods of Intentional Creativity, I didn’t know I could paint in this way. I’ve had much experience with small illustrative work and some with painting many years ago, but to paint in this way, from deep within, was a completely new experience and so very inspiring..

Each painting I now create leads its own journey, it’s own adventure, an adventure created with layers of painted intention whilst remaining within the wonders of mystery itself. Each mark holds a meaning, a rhythm, a flow. Each piece or veil of colour chants and whispers its own worth whilst weaving its own trail. Painting, breathing and living in this way is at last enabling me to gradually bring what I could never before find the right language or imagery for, into form through the portal of my canvas and the gathering of deeply chosen words.

As a painter I am now working on a series of paintings that have until now remained only in my dreams and journeys within other realms. Through exploring Intentional Creativity I am now able to excavate what I need to bring these paintings into form and I hope to share them with you during 2019.

If you intentionally choose bravery and courage to embark on something new, something creatively inspiring, something that has the ability, if practiced regularly, to be a lifelong companion and show you an alternative way, you may find fragments of yourself you didn’t even know existed before, how exciting would that be? If you’ve ever had that feeling of “something’s just missing” I believe this work may be of great benefit to you.

We often hold our own answers to our pondering questions, we even have the ability to become our own healer in a sense, we simply don’t always know where to begin or how to go about it. I strongly believe in the transformational process of this work and feel honoured to call myself a teacher of it. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have relating to Intentional Creativity or how it is represented within my own work but am not currently teaching classes.  I am taking some long overdue time to focus on my own painting and writing but do however hope to be teaching again sometime within the future.

Intentional Creativity was taught to me by Shiloh Sophia McCloud who was taught by her teachers, Caron McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars, through the lineage of Lenore Thomas Strauss.

If you would like to discover more about this lineage and the wonderful work the foundation carry out please visit their website at


Intentional Creativity® is not a therapy even though it may have therapeutic values. It is not intended to replace any form of medical treatment or guidance.